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Space Clouds

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44"/45" WIDE

Machine wash cold with like colors. do not use chlorine bleach. tumble dry low setting. remove promptly. use warm iron if necessary.
HULA UNIVERSE by The Little Red House
"Hula Universe was one of the first illustrations I did for my line, The Little Red House, but we decided to debut it in 2019 since people began to understand my /The Little Red House odd humor. Since childhood, I always thought all the planets within the solar system or in the universe, look like different characters. Some of them are generally lonely because of their distance from each other, and the belt almost like a hula hoop for them to entertain themselves. Only after I grew up, I realized playing hula hoops is pretty hard , and wonder do the planets feel the same!? That's why Hula Universe was created - to portrait what do all these planets do, when we are not watching! Also, because designs by The Little Red House are to remind people of their childhood memories, I would like people to go back in time and think like their 5 year old selves when things were simple!"

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